Husqvarna ride on lawnmowers for sale Ireland

Space Heaters for sale Ireland

Diesel Space Heaters for sale Ireland

Diesel space heaters for sale in Ireland at great prices. We can deliver our space heaters to any county in Ireland. We stock Jefferson space heaters, Master space heaters and Rhino infrared heaters. Our Jefferson and Master space heaters can be powered by diesel, paraffin or kerosene. All our space heaters need adequate ventilation, so only use them in a well ventilated area.

Jefferson Space Heaters

Jefferson space heaters Ireland

Jefferson space heaters can heat any large area, warehouse or farm shed quickly and efficiently. Jefferson heaters can be powered by either diesel, paraffin. Adequate ventilation required.

Rhino infrared heater

Rhino heaters Ireland

Rhino infra red heaters are ideal for indoor use. Great for drying walls and heating a room. Fume-less, these heaters run on 240volt electricity.

Master Space Heaters

Master space heaters Ireland

Master portable heaters can heat any area quickly and efficiently. They are ideal for use as a temporary or permanent heating solution. Adequate ventilation is required.

Husqvarna lawnmower

Stihl chain saws Ireland

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